Stone Cairn for Skye

Stone Cairn for Skye…

Agent of Change with Heathir Rhyasen, Vancouver, BC Canada

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The Agent of Change website is devoted to providing shamanic healing information and workshop training of impeccable intent.

We are circles of learning, circles of shamanic healing and we are keepers of the earth. Join us in our quest to empower all people to heal themselves, and with that healing, become accountable for the well being of our beleaguered planet, as thoughtful, careful stewards of our Mother Earth.

Coisich ann solace – ‘walk in light’
Heathir Rhyasen

The slow steady rhythm of the raindrops. The drum beats in time with the pulse of Earth Mother.

Enchanting you… Enticing you… Calling you…to come home… Your Spirit song… Your awakening… Where to start? How?

We slumber and dream, we dream asleep and dream awake, of what our lives would be, could be…IF ONLY.

THIS is your IF ONLY.  If not you, who? If not now, when?

This is the time of turbulence and change. A time of great healing.

For the Human Family and for our Mother Earth.

To awaken your Spirit and discover your path to the destiny that has been yours from the beginning of time…

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